Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore and a romantic weekend

Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore and a romantic weekend: here’s how When we think of a refined and romantic weekend in Piedmont, we think of the areas of the marvelous shores of Orta lake and those of Lake Maggiore. And do you know why? Because they are two lakes that exude love, for its history and perhaps for their unique beauty, which only a few know how to grasp.


The pretty island of San Giulio, reachable by boat, is worth a trip. Also not bad is the idea of ​​a visit to the church of Madonna del Sasso, which stands on a granite relief overlooking the lake, offering an enchanting and romantic panorama. From the tables in the town square you can admire the sunset over the lake, when the sky and the water light up with suggestive colors. Try relaxing in one of the many spa-class hotels in the area. Another pretty lakeside village not to be missed is Omegna, famous for the annual Fireworks Festival, held every year in August: “Fiori di Fuoco”.


And maybe being on the road you also go to Lake Maggiore, as mentioned, it is located in the north of Piedmont, not far from Lake Orta. It is the second largest lake in Italy after Lake Garda. Take this opportunity to visit Stresa: elegant and quiet, it is my favorite town. It is so elegant and peaceful! If you are looking for relaxation and high-class hospitality, choose a hotel facing the lake in front of the romantic Isola Bella. You can also go to Isola Bella by boat to visit the Borromeo Palace and the beautiful garden with an incredible variety of exotic plants.

Currently the island is not accessible to the public, due to restoration works that will last throughout the autumn and winter and will end on March 22, 2014, when the island will reopen to visitors. Finally, you should consider visiting Arona, not far from Stresa. On top of a relief is the Colossus of San Carlo Borromeo: this statue, nicknamed the “Sancarlone”, is about 36 meters high and stands in a dominant position on Lake Maggiore.


Do you know why everyone loves Lake Orta? Certainly for its romantic and elegant atmosphere, which offers welcoming and relaxing stays. If so far you have always preferred a romantic getaway or a romantic weekend in any other part of Italy, now is the time to change course towards Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore.