Vacationing with Kids in the USA

The United States of America is one of the largest countries that comprises 50 states. It is a bustling country with diverse cultures; no one can experience enough of this amazing and gorgeous country. It is a highly developed county with the biggest economy; it has rich traditions and heritage that can be seen in the culture. The busy metropolitan cities have great architectures, a vivid culture, and scenic views that are both artificial and natural. Experience the rocky and perfectly carved mountains in the grand canyon, the mesmerizing and beautiful Hawaii, the central new York city which is the hub for fashion, business, and contemporary art, the famous Hollywood in Los Angeles where dreams come true and many stunning places that are refreshing to the eyes are packed in the country. Visiting USA for the iconic architectures, Niagara Falls, the serene coastlines, and many more such awe-inspiring places a must this New Year.

Making an itinerary is the trickiest part for such a massive metro country; however, we have picked up few best places to visit when you plan a vacation with children.

Disney land 

Enter a world of imagination and experience the lovely cartoons come alive. The spectacular theme parks and resorts with purely imaginative work mesmerize every bit of the place. The colorful Disney castle that you watched on TV can be seen in reality. It is the best trip for children as they can see their most loved characters in one place. Each Disney Park has many different themes and exhibits. California and Florida have the two biggest Disney land resorts that are exceptional and have the wonderful Disney castle. You can enjoy staying, mouth-watering fine dining experience, feel the Disney characters in reality, experience the thrilling and adventure rides, watch out for tinker bell, Anna and Elsa, Olaf, Pixar pals, and also superheroes like Iron man, Superman, Captain America, and black panther and others. There are more three Disney parks – Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios.


Plan a day with the kids to watch the gorgeous animals in the Zoo. There are many Zoos in the USA –the Bronx Zoo which is spread across 265 acres of land and lush green gardens is one of the largest zoos in the USA. It has wildlife that houses more than 700 species of the 6000 animals present in the zoo. The North Carolina Zoo stands as one of the largest zoos in the USA; it presently welcomes visitors through reservations and pre-bookings. It is a massive land with more than 1800 animals. The new polar bear is one of the new entrants in the zoo. There are both animals and plants in the protected area, look at the amazing beings from Africa, North America, Desert Aviary – the nature with its vibrant colors and beauty in animals and plants give a stunning feel as there are beautiful flamingos, blue-wing leaf bird, copperhead, myna, the African Lion and tons of other fantastic creatures. Plan for other zoos also like – woodland park zoo, Columbus Zoo, and aquarium, etc.

Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex

A visit to the space center in Florida is a must as it teaches a lot to the kids and the young minds gain knowledge of science and innovation. The rockets are lined up giving a garden like feeling, the astronaut guides help to explore the space center and share experiences. Hopping on to the astronauts training simulators offer the children great exposure to what it is like to be an astronaut, they learn things like weightless suspension and having freeze-dried ice cream from bags. It teaches them the space and distance between the earth and space and the relativity of other planets and galaxies. This place is a must-visit to make children future explorers.

Grand Canyon

The most adventurous trip with children that gives a breath-taking experience is to visit the Grand Canyon – Arizona. These miraculously designed rocky formations are awe-inspiring. Make the kids rangers, hike up the rocky mountains, and ride up the rugged terrain. This place has a locomotive arriving and scheduled timings just board the train and enjoy the ride with a joyous conductor. On the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is the Shoshone point, it is beautiful and pleasing. There are tables to sit and enjoy the sunset; it gives a very scenic view of the canyon blended with greenery and the distinguished rocky mountains. Also enjoy stargazing and a geological museum that has packed with models, maps, and educational displays.