What a recruiter looks for in a hockey player

\Whether training future hockey players or recruiting for a professional hockey team, Lindsay Hofford recognizes the best traits of a player and what they need to improve. This knowledge can help a good player improve to become a great player, an understanding that helps them in their recruiting goals.

What do recruiters look for in a hockey player?

Whether you want to play for a college team or eventually go pro, you’ll need to exhibit the required athletic skills. That means you need more than fitness, though. Of course, you need to play your position on the ice well, but college recruiters put extra focus on skating prowess and speed.

College hockey uses a much faster-skating speed than high school. Hand-eye coordination and stick sense also serve well the player wanting a top recruiting position.

Agility and fast-twitch muscles can help a smaller player land a prime spot. Many college teams dropped their height and weight requirements as the game evolved. You can successfully land a spot as a smaller player as long as your skillset outshines the bruisers.

Define Stick Sense

The phrases stick sense and hockey sense refers to a player’s ability to read the ice and control the puck. If you can capably remain aware of everything going on around you and anticipate the moves of the other team’s players, you exhibit a superior hockey sense.

Getting Noticed

Hockey uses traditional methods of recruitment. It hasn’t modernized in the same way as college football or baseball. Hockey still uses a combination of scouting via camps, combines, and tournaments to put together its future teams.

You need to prepare a highlight video that showcases your skills as a player and shows off some of the best assists and goals you’ve scored. A good highlight reel shows your abilities on the ice and your ability to strategize.

Your Grades Matter

Regardless of your standout performances on the ice, the recruiters will pass on you if you earn bad grades. You need the good grades that could get you into college without a scholarship for sports. If you earned average or poorer high school grades, you could attend a community college or junior college for one or two years to improve your GPA. While the recruiters will also consider your SAT or ACT scores, you can boost your chances of attending an NCAA program by enhancing your GPA in junior college.

That doesn’t mean taking time off from hockey. Since few high schools offer hockey as a sport, US colleges also recruit from club teams. You can play for your local club while in community college. You’ll end up in front of more recruiters this way, too.

How Lindsay Hofford Can Help

Contact Lindsay Hofford today to learn more about how you can improve your chances of playing college or pro hockey. You can improve your grades and skillset to top the recruiters’ lists. Get started today improving your game.

Things to Remember When Purchasing CBD Vape Cartridges

People are concerned about their health and well-being in today’s world. People want to find the best solution to all their problems due to environmental pollution. People prefer CBD products because they are safe and convenient. Vape cartridges are available for CBD products that allow users to take the correct dose while maintaining safety.

The cartridge is essentially a pen that contains CBD oil. It allows people to start their journey with the product safely and conveniently. To ensure safe and secure use of CBD carts, people should be well informed. To choose the best CBD vape cartridges for them, they need to know some basics about them. These details will allow you to learn about the most important factors that will assist you in choosing the best cartridge. The following details will help you to understand the product and ensure that you receive it safely.

It is important to test –

  • When buying CBD oil Cartridge, the first thing you need to think about is whether it has been tested.
  • It will allow you to know the independence of the third-party laboratory. This will enable you to get accurate and detailed reviews.
  • You can get the best CBD Vape Cartridges if you search for them.
  • The cartridges have a strong impact on the body.
  • The CBD Vape Cartridges have been tested and are safe.

All-Natural and Organic Ingredients –

  • You should ensure that the CBD Vape cartridges you purchase are organic and from natural sources.
  • This element will allow you to determine how safe and effective the product is. It will also help you achieve the best results with the least amount of hassle.
  • People who verify the purity of CBD vape cartridges help to ensure that they are safe from all aspects.
  • It is essential to learn about the best and most important aspects of CBD products, as well as the uniqueness of CBD products.
  • CBD products that are natural and safe will always give you the best results.

No Additives Should be added –

  • The best thing about CBD Vape Cartridges? No extra additives.
  • This factor is crucial to your financial and physical health.
  • You can make a big impact on your body’s health by ensuring that the product does not contain any preservatives.
  • Pure products are safe, and they provide safe results without any side effects.
  • If any preservatives or other additives are added to a natural product, it can lead to a worse version.

What is the Potency?

Before you buy a CBD vape cartridge, it is important to understand how potent it is. You don’t want your body to consume more CBD than it needs. Regular use of a high-quality CBD vape will increase the tolerance.

More CBD can help ease your pain and calm your anxiety.

Vape products of high quality

You can use a variety of methods to determine the quality and purity of a CBD vape pen cartridge. These are:

Find out the extract type

Source location

Extraction Method

The use of ethanol can be used to extract CBD from plants without compromising its quality. This can be expensive. You can extract CBD using carbon dioxide, which is less expensive but still leaves behind some trace of the solvent.

The information above will help you to understand the main factors that are important in choosing the best CBD Vape cartridges. This will ensure you have the best possible results and protect you from any negative effects of the product. You will be safer if you pay attention to the points above.

How to buy glasses online on your next trip

If you forgot to buy your glasses and you are already offboard don’t worry, eyewear retailers such as SmartBuyGlasses provides you the latest technologies so you can get your glasses in just a few minutes anywhere, anytime. By browsing a wide array of designer eyewear collections, you can find the perfect eyewear for you online. 

Follow these simple steps to buying your next pair of glasses online. 

  1.   Try-On your glasses

SmartBuyGlasses has instructions on how to take a five-second selfie video from your desktop or mobile. All you need to do is turn your head to the left and right to give an accurate reading of your face shape, and you’re done!


First, choose the brand that you’re interested in. Next, filter by ‘virtual try-on’ in the special features option. All of the option listed are available using the VTO tool. Navigate to a product page, click ‘selfie view’ and proceed to trying on your glasses. 

  1. Get the right frame

If you already have frames in mind, you can easily search through our website. You can even choose from our top brands such as Tom Ford, Oakley, Ray-Ban, and Persol. Get over 70% off on your new designer frames.  

  • Frame shape

The eyeglasses of your choice should complement your face and highlight your favorite facial attributes. Before you buy eyeglasses online, you should first be aware of your face shape. You can know if your face is oval, round, square, diamond, or heart shape by simply looking in the mirror.

  • Frame size

While you consider eyeglasses frame sizes for fashion, it’s best to determine the correct measurements for your face. Big frames can make your face smaller while small frames can make your face bigger. Too loose, your eyeglasses might slip off, while too narrow might cause improper blood flow.

If you have an old pair of eyeglasses that suit you well, you can check the measurements engraved at the temples.

  • Frame materials

Eyeglasses frames are made of plastic, acetate, metal, and titanium. Well-known brands such as Persol and Tom Ford will provide you with premium materials, which will result in a long-lasting pair of eyeglasses.

  • Frame colors

Once you’ve decided on the frame’s shape, size, and materials, you can proceed to choose the best color for you. Most of the time, the design that you love is available in a wide range of colors.

  1. Enter Your Prescription and Choose Lenses, and Coatings

Now that you have decided on the frames, you can submit your optical prescription.

Your optometrists may require you to have single-vision or multi-vision lenses. However, you can still decide the lens materials and how thick or thin your lenses should be. Check our lens index chart to find out which one is most suitable for your vision correction needs.  

The coatings are based on your lifestyle: If you know you live an active lifestyle that could cause a higher risk of lens damage, you can have the anti-scratch coating for added strength. If you own a car and you use it every day, an anti-reflective coating will surely help. UV protection coating is also essential.

 When buying eyeglasses online, you can also check the warranty, returns, shipping, insurance, and maintenance with SmartBuyGlasses.

Tips for you if you are wondering “how to patent medical device”

Since, right now, the world is just lying in an emergency because of the current pandemic threat of COVID 19, the whole medical profession seems to be in hassle. In hospitals, there are increased demands of not only the medicines and other supplies but also the medical devices. These devices range from simple to complex. No matter if it’s about a glucometer or something like a ventilator, they are all essential needs of the respective situation.

“End of the day, it’s a matter of life and death”

Therefore, if you are associated with the healthcare profession, you will be aware of the consequences and off-time delivery of the medical devices. Hence, you need to realize and understand the significance of the continuous supplies of medical devices. As an organization or a party, you must know about how to patent medical device. This is something that bothers most of the bodies around the world because they lack proper knowledge as well as adequate consultation in this regard. So, here, we will offer you some tips about how to patent medical device. Trust us, this will surely be going to work for you and you do not need to worry more about any such thing.

Don’t forget the basic ideas to carry on with while filing a patent for medical device

Before you begin, try to consult with some professional agents that will be going to help you out. Filing the right form of application for your patent approval is very significant. For medical devices, terms are a kind of different when we compare them with the other casual stuff. Some basic tips for you are stated as under:

  • Look for the details first about what are you interested in and is it intellectual property.
  • As you are in the process now, you must know that the patent process refers to the procedure by which an inventor can save they’re a patent, which claims:

“A right granted to an inventor by the federal government that permits the inventor to exclude others from making, selling, or using the invention for some time.”

  • Do not rush, try to have every minor detail of what you are actually into. This will make the process easy and will help you to avoid any fuss in the future.

Ending note

With the ending note, we will like you to consider the details from a well-settled consulting service about it rather than leaping into the steps b yourself. Although, you have got a basic idea about the tips to keep in mind if you are wondering how to patent the medical device, still to be accurately affirmed with the cause you need professional advice for you.