What Specs of A SUP Electric Pump You Must Know When Buying?  

For some people, buying a sup pump isn’t a tricky task. However, some people find it problematic as it encompasses different technologies, terminologies, etc., that confuse you from buying the right pump.

If you try to learn about the specifications an electric must include, it will be easy to purchase a perfect electric pump for your SUP. So, below is the detailed list of specs that you must consider when buying an ideal pump for your stand-up paddleboard.

SUP Compatibility:

Not every electric inflator is compatible with your sup. Pump adaptor and valves are two crucial components that you must tally with your sup and ensure they fit together for proper functioning. The most common valves used in electric pumps are H-valves, HR-valves, and H3 valves. These valves are strictly made to uphold heavy pressure. 

One/Two Inflation Stages:

Commonly sump pump comes with a single inflation stage. Under a single inflation stage, the pump continues inflating the sup until a specific pressure unit is reached. However, the inflation speed varies from one pump to another. A powerful model will have a high inflation speed compared to a low-budget model.

Another is the two-inflation stage, where the entire process is performed in two stages. The first stage includes filling the sup with high volume. In the second stage, the pressure ratio is increased to reduce the inflation time. Two-stage inflation pumps are good to save your time.

Deflation Option:

When buying a sup pump, you must also check if the deflation option is available or not. Many high-end pumps have a deflation option that allows easy deflation of sup and saves a plethora of time. Electric deflation takes far less time than manual deflation.

Built-in Pressure Gauge:

Nowadays, an inbuilt pressure gauge has become common among all sup pumps that are available in the market. You must always prefer a pump with an inbuilt pressure gauge that saves your manual actions and keep a keen track of the pressure. Advanced inflators also have inbuilt sensors that stop inflating the sup once a specific pressure level is reached. It would help if you preferred such advanced sup pumps to avoid over-inflation.

Cordless & Rechargeable Pumps:

Not many of you know that many cordless pumps can also utilize removable batteries to inflate your sup. These pumps can be used with rechargeable batteries that extend their lifespan and make them handy. Further, many models can recharge through a cigarette charger. Such pumps might cost you a bit high but are highly recommended for the long run.

Many sup pumps are delivered with their custom carrying bag, which is good to carry them anywhere you want. Such bags make it comfortable to handle the sup pumps and store them accordingly.

Numerous brands are available to buy a sup pump. Outdoormaster is one of the renowned names among all. The company has created marvelous products that lie in between cheap and high-end outdoor products. Among all are the electric pumps. You can choose the perfect electric pump for your paddleboard and enjoy sea surfing to the fullest.