Yacht charters come in various forms depending on what you hope to accomplish during your vacation. Your destination, where you are departing from, and your budget are significant considerations to make when chartering a yacht. You may be lucky to find a yacht charter that is quite affordable, especially during the offseason. In contrast, some large and luxurious yachts may cost you a tremendous amount of money. Keep these factors in considerations before you go ahead with your yacht rental.

Your budget

Budgeting is the first thing you should have on your mind before you consider renting a yacht. Decide how much you’d like to spend on the yacht vacation. If your budget is not tight, things like the yacht’s size or duration may not limit you. However, if you don’t want to break the bank for your yacht vacation, you will want to know the exact amount you will spend, any incremental charges such as the fuel costs, and hiring a crew. Otherwise, you may find yourself stretching your budget more than you intended to.

Prices may vary based on the yacht charter, the yacht’s size, the duration of your trip, and where you are touring. You may spend around 10,000USD in a week for a small yacht, while a larger one will likely cost you from 50,000USD. Note that tax and VAT prices apply based on where you are departing from and going, and they are usually not part of the base price of renting a yacht.

Expense-based or inclusive yacht charters

A yacht charter can either be inclusive or expense-based. Inclusive yachts such as the Venice yacht charter provide everything you need during your water bound vacation, such as crew members, food and drinks, any planned excursions, among other amenities. Such may be an expensive trip, but it allows the involved members to decide what they would like to spend per person.

Some yacht charters known as expense-based come with a base rental price with any other services such as fuel, docking fees, crew, and a captain applying as additional costs. You have to pay an upfront lump sum to cater for the additional expenses. Both are suited to different types of travelers. All you need to do is go for what works for you.

Trip destinations and duration

You must note that all yacht charters charge fuel costs on top of the base rental of a yacht. That means where you would like to tour becomes a determining factor of how much you will spend. If you want to tour different places, you may pay steeper fuel costs than someone who wants to go for a simple fishing trip. Knowing how far you will travel helps you determine how much you will spend on fuel.

The yacht size

If you go bigger on a yacht, then it means you get to spend more. Although a bigger yacht offers you spacious amenities, you may pay beyond your expectations because it comes at a higher rental rate and steeper fuel costs. When looking at the yacht size, the best thing to consider is a comfortable and luxury experience together with the right crew. Having a great captain and a top-notch chef is worth more than going for extra feet on a yacht. However, if you are a larger family, you need a larger yacht.

The bottom line

Hiring a private yacht means enjoying an unparalleled water-bound vacation. But ensure you make the right considerations when choosing a yacht charter.