Have you ever thought of booking a Private tour to visit your next destination?

This type of travel is becoming more popular lately, as allows you to create great itineraries on your own with the help of travel agencies who are destination experts, which again saves your time and money. Furthermore, it allows you to choose who you travel with and gets you more relaxed and free when it comes to a realization and on the tour. Croatia seems the perfect place for this kind of package tour.
Traveling to Croatia from anywhere in Europe is quite easy. In a season – from April till October many air companies have direct flights from all over Europe to all main Croatian towns. Also, Split and Zagreb are connected by plane with the rest of Europe all year round.
Croatia is a relatively small country, well connected with great roads so no matter which bigger city you land in you can easily customize your Private tour in Croatia by making the most out of your trip and available time and arranging your itinerary so you can experience and see the very best of destination. The best would be to start your Private tour in Croatia from some of the major Croatian cities (Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Pula) given that all of them are well connected with main European airports. Some proposed itineraries for Private tours Croatia and region you can find at Magellan private tours, Croatian Travel Agency specialized for Private groups in Croatia and countries in the region. You can find their offer at the following link: Croatian Travel Agency